How can I earn Dark Matter?

The Moon Marketing team is always looking for creative ways to allow crypto newcomers to grow their wallets without requiring the initial buy-in through fiat. It is critical to our team that Dark Matter, in small amounts, is accessible to anyone interested, regardless of income or trust in the market.

Moon giveaway

Follow us on the Moon Giveaway Twitter account where we regularly host giveaways of TRX, DMX, and many more. These giveaways are free to enter for anybody with a Twitter account.

The Moon Mine

Join us at The Moon Mine where you can complete social missions to mine free Dark Matter. These missions range anywhere from retweeting and liking a promoted Twitter post to achieving a set score in a promoted game or dApp. DarkMatter mined per mission will vary.

Play Royal

Dark Matter is usable within the Play Royal Gaming Ecosystem. DMX holders can test their luck at a variety of popular games including Dice, Moon, Plinko, & more.

the AirCoins app

Dark Matter is the first token from the Tron Blockchain to be collectible anywhere in the world using augmented reality. This is possible due to our partnership with the cryptocurrency hunting app, AirCoins! Download the app and start collecting DarkMatter Tokens today!


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