campaign includes:

1. Project narrative creation and planning. Examples include partnership outlines, mission statements, general dialogue, social platform verbiage, etc. 

2. Introductions to interested verticals. Examples include Exchanges, Influencers, Market Makers, and Liquidity Providers. 

3. Building area specific "to-market" strategies. Asia, Europe and The Americas are all within their team's expertise. 

4. Inclusion in FomoHunt events as sponsors. Events are hosted at most blockchain conferences around the world. 

5. Community Building on platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.

6. Exclusive meetup event at next conference to introduce your product or project to the FomoHunt 
community. Average of 50-200 powerful attendees at every event.


7. Merchandise design, marketing, and sales fulfillment. 

8. Podcast Recruiting. Common placements include "Cigars & Crypto" "Evolvement" "Wild West Crypto Show" "What is Crypto" "Nugget News"

9. Viral Marketing

10. Weekly involved tweets from @fomohunt @digitallawrence @cryptotytan @kaltoro & @formerlazyguy 

11. Interviews with executives that are distributed through all social media content platforms. 

12. Custom marketing plan for client outside of listed services.


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