Wallets supporting DMX

Guildchat 2.0

Guildchat is the #1 one-stop-shop for communication, wallet management, market data, and more!

Check out their recent upgrade to the impressive Guildchat 2.0!

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DMX Bitpie Wallet.png

Bitpie wallet

Bitpie Wallet is an industry-leading multi-blockchain wallet that is officially partnered with the Tron Blockchain.

Buck wallet

Buck Wallet is one of the latest Cryptocurrency Wallets to expand their support to the Tron Blockchain.

DMX Buck Wallet.png
DMX Trust Wallet.png

Trust wallet

Trust Wallet now supports DarkMatter. You can now stack DMX, hodl your shares, and collect monthly TRX rewards with one of the top Crypto Wallets on the market.

Tron wallet

Tron Wallet is the most popular mobile app for interacting with the Tron Blockchain. You can import any of  Tron wallets to this app for easy management plus smooth/secure access to exchanges and DApps.

DMX Tron Wallet.png

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